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At Extrazell, we believe that today´s fast-paced world, it is no longer the job of the patient, doctor or therapist to research innovative concepts or products to achieve a more successful treatment. Through our patients and our partners eye, we would like to share with you information about our concept and product, in order to assistant you in your treatment process. Extrazell’s trustworthiness is a fundamental part of our identity.

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Cell biological regulation therapy ZRT® in veterinary medicine – After ZRT has been completed, the usual training methods can then be used. This approach is in keeping with the motto: “Rehabilitate first. Train second”.

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Pferdeklinik an der Rennbahn

The latest therapy technique for better treatment success: 1. FFC Frankfurt is delighted to be entering into partnership with the company Extrazell ®

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1. FFC Frankfurt e.V.

The theoretical principles of Extracellular matrix (ECM) led us to Extrazell® battery supported Bio Mechanical Stimulation handheld device (BMS). After initially rather cautious use, the BMS treatment now belongs to our daily preventive and rehabilitation program for our professional athletes, but also with corresponding indication to our entire patient cohorts.

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Dr. med. Thomas Frölich – Medical supervisor for TSG 1899 Hoffenheim German Bundesliga

Connective tissue, the extracellular matrix and the musculotendinous bone junctions can be treated by mechanical stimulation with the mechanotherapeutic approach of biological regulation medicine by using Bio Mechanical Stimulation handheld device from Extrazell®

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Dr. Kurt Mosetter – Centre for Interdisciplinary Therapy (ZiT) in Constance, Germany

Extrazell® battery supported Bio Mechanical Stimulation handheld device is an important part of our overall therapy for cell biologic regeneration…

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Udo Buchholzer – Head of physiotherapie at VFB Reha-Welt Stuttgart

Fascias are creating a furore – The world of physiotherapy, osteopathy and soft tissue massage has long regarded and treated fascias as all-rounders, but it is only now that medical professionals and researchers are also beginning to show an interest. The various aspects of connective tissue, the extracellular matrix and the fascias have always played a central role in traditional Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic empirical medicine.

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Dr. Kurt Mosetter – Centre for Interdisciplinary Therapy (ZiT) in Constance, Germany

Unlike the conventional therapy I am familiar with, such as shockwave therapy or ultrasound I have encountered, BMS treatment immediately reduced my pain level, provenly improved my regulation system by Micro current based measurement.

CEO of Ishajaya Brunei

Until I participated the seminar about Bio Mechanical Stimulation and its related Extracellular Matrix therapy training, I have been relying on use of drugs and cells to support my health condition. Down the road, I have been benefiting enormously from non-invasive therapy Bio mechanical stimulation, thanks to Extrazell

Artist & MD of No.55 art space Beijing China

With the introduction of bio mechanical stimulation treatment into our overall sport physiotherapeutic concept, from now on, we will be able to use an absolutely biological and holistic procedure in order to really get to the bottom of the troubles of our players and to stimulate the healing process in a natural way. As a former sport physiotherapist, I am really impressed by this treatment method – as are our medical and physio team. I am thus extremely pleased that we can continue pushing on with the professionalization of our already excellently positioned sport physiotherapy and rehab departments thanks to the innovative partnership with Extrazell!

Siegfried Dietrich – Manager FFC Frauen Fussball Club Frankfurt e.V.