Extrazell is a premier medical products supplier

that provides a range of new and scientifically innovative medical devices targeting physiotherapy, rehabilitation, athletic performance and clinical institutions. A range of physio-therapeutic devices of our own design are manufactured and distributed to medical professionals around the globe. We also represent and distribute other medical devices to support therapists and doctors for better treatment success.

Located near Freiburg, Germany, Extrazell works closely with a range of specialties such as fascia researchers, biokinematics, myoreflex therapy, ZRT therapy and sound fundamental researchers of anatomy as well as of the extracellular matrix, to achieve new and clinically relevant findings.

The wealth of practitioner’s experiences, enriched by true exchange, provides knowledgeable and experienced hands with vast opportunities for truly effective forms of treatment. With all parties working together from the outset, planned, customised prevention training and more efficient regeneration can be put into practice, alongside successful therapy, rehabilitation and early detection of hidden anatomical weaknesses.

Biomechanical stimulation can work with these conventional therapy sectors
  • Atlas therapy
  • Bobath concept / Bobath children
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Manual therapy
  • Osteopathy
  • PNF
  • Spiral dynamic therapy
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Vojta concept

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Myoreflex therapy has been evolving since about 1990 based upon a number of discoveries from a variety of disciplines. It was founded by Dr. Kurt Mosetter.

As an integrative and holistic form of therapy, MRT amalgamates experiences and insights drawn from ancient cultures with the latest discoveries of modern physics and contemporary academic medicine.


Myoreflex therapy – a brief definition:

MRT is a regulation therapy that for historical and efficiency reasons starts by pressing muscles attachments – to influence the tensegrity in the myofascial system both locally- but primarily holistically – in the body. By applying neuro-muscular pressure point stimulation which provokes the self-regulation of maladaptive body schemes, we are able to target various health problems and pain symptoms related not only to the muscles and joints, but also to complex metabolic imbalances.

Over time, MRT has developed into a very integrative approach encompassing several independent disciplines working synergistically with the original approach – utilizing all the newest scientific knowledge of western physiology and medicine as well as the experienced-based knowledge of the eastern disciplines.

ZRT® matrix therapy is built on the idea that before building up overall muscle strength and coordination, the muscles and tissues require optimised living conditions such as a good metabolic rate, blood flow and metabolic waste removal by improved lymphatic and venous flow.
A cell biological approach to rehabilitation is a fundamental change in the perspective of rehabilitation. It aims to find a direct approach to improving the functions of muscles and organs by addressing the real underlying issues.
ZRT® matrix therapy consists of a modular set of diverse techniques:

  • mechanical longitudinal vibration (biomechanical stimulation (BMS)) of skeletal muscles for cleansing the extracellular matrix (ECM),
  • Deep heat with water-filtered infrared-A – for resolving gelosis (viscosity), which is a change in the fluidity of liquids in the ECM, and for metabolic activation,
  • acid-base regulation for tissue degradation caused by local acidosis. Acidosis (local acidity of the ECM) is a local condition caused by lack of oxygen and a repressed metabolism that will result in the production of lactic acid leading to local hyperacidity often felt as pain.

The objective of biological cell-regulation therapy (ZRT®) is to ensure a good supply to the cells through an intact microcirculation and cell environment. Gentle mechanical stimulation transmitted into the muscular system restore the finest blood circulation will get back up and running. Disruptions to the cell metabolism are ceased and the accumulation of acid and metabolic residues are removed. The body’s biological self-healing powers are thereby activated.

By directly addressing the local living conditions of cells forming tissues and organs, chronic pain can be addressed in a way to give many patients permanent relief and enabled them to stop taking frequent pain medication.