BMS addresses the extracellular space between capillaries and the cells themselves. Unlike other physical modalities, which treat either the cells or focus on capillary blood flow, Bio mechanical stimulation targets the area which surrounds cells and is responsible for the chemical transfer of information. In order to properly convey information, this extracellular space – which accounts for 30% of the body – should be freely flowing liquid, but when an animal is experiencing pain it becomes stiff and gel-like.

Extrazell offers a battery powered hand-held unit for use in remote locations, providing the opportunity for muscle repair and regeneration at sporting events and in other time sensitive situations.

Already in use throughout Germany as well as internationally, Extrazell manufactures patented bio-mechanical stimulation devices and offers specialized Therapy training to veterinarian so they can provide their horses and animals gentle, fast, effective pain relief with no side effect.

Voltage EU standard, country specific available
Power consumption 50 W
Power cable country-specific, IEC receptacle
Vibration frequencies 5 to 30 Hz
(infinitely variable selectable 1 Hz increments)
Unit weight Control unit housing with 5Ah battery:
2.43 lbs. (1.1 kg)
Handheld unit:
2.1 lbs. (0.940 kg)
Dimensions Control unit with plug connections:
3.1″ x 3.1″ x 3.5″ (80 mm x 80 mm x 90 mm)
(W / D / H)Hand piece:
approx. ø 1.7″ x 12.2″ (42mm x 310mm)
Country of origin Federal Republic of Germany

Rehabilitation Veterinary Technician uses BMS devices manufactured by Extrazell to administer Bio mechanical stimulation. The oscillation resulting from the BMS device stimulates the muscles and the ensuing vibrations,  enable the body to regulate the cell milleau system – the extracellular space between cell and capillary – providing fast relief and recovery to the patient.

Many popular therapies require months and sometimes years of application. BMS treatment is usually effective after only 6 – 9 treatments, making it exceptionally cost effective. Each treatment generally lasts between 10 – 30 minutes.

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Application of bio mechanical stimulation (BMS) in Veterinary

  • Prevention of injury and lameness
    Concurrent treatment of the muscles and tendons of ​​the animal by biomechanical stimulation (“vibration”) reduces the occurrence of lameness and speeds up the healing and recovery process.
  • Following surgery
    Promoting healing of wounds and cuts
    Prevention of wound complications
    Treatment and prevention of scarring
  • Rejuvenation during and after intense training and competition
    Treating the “problem zones” of a horse in training and competing, helps to maintain peak physical condition.
  • Solving Equestrian problems
    Disobedience, loss of rhythm, headshaking, persistent faulting, problems with uneven gait, stiffness.
  • Preventing Muscular atrophy
    Stimulating tired and damaged muscles to increase metabolism and vitality.
  • Treating back and neck problems
    Stiffness, tenderness, shortened stride, lameness, “kissing spines”.
  • Relieving muscle tightness and tension
    Local disruption in metabolism causing hardening and stiffness in muscles can be treated by biomechanical stimulation (BMS).
  • Correcting unnatural head and tail carriage
    Posture problems caused by painful, hardened and shortened muscles.
  • Treating tendon lesions and partial tendon rupture
    Treatment of sprains, twists, partial ruptures of tendons, for faster and more complete rehabilitation and the prevention of lasting weakness.
  • Easing and healing of pressure points
    Healing and prevention of saddle and girth sores. Faster healing of hematoma and bruising.

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